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Hello again everyone !

Now, if you’ve been following our chronicles, you’ll know we’re talking serious stuff here 🙂

Today, I have the pleasure to introduce Bertrand and his invention to you. We’re not in the humanitarian field anymore, but today’s post will highly interest musicians !

Now, here comes the artist !

RHYTHM & SHOES (by Bertrand)

When you play the guitar, you have to focus your mind on three essential elements: the melody, the beat and the expression. Besides, sometimes you may contribute to the vocal part of the song as a singer or as a chorister. The mental load is high with a huge concentration level.

Often guitar players tap their foot to the beat and become percussion players. When the song is slow or sad, ie: “The Bluest Blues” Alvin Lee Ten Years After or “Stairways to Heaven” Led Zeppelin, it is unsuitable.

It dawned on me I could create shoes dedicated to guitar players. The outside design of the shoe is unchanged. An electromagnetic beating system is included in the sole of the shoe with a radio device to monitor the rhythm connected to a watch or directly to the pre-amp of the guitar.

It is very comfortable and relieves the mental load of the musician who can concentrate on notes and expression especially when soloing.

I think that the brand of the shoes “Rhythm and Shoes” which sounds like “Rhythm and Blues” should please guitar players. The names of famous guitar players as Samantha Fish, Ana Popovic, John Mayer, Derek Trucks, Joe Bonamassa, or legends as Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Carlos Santana, could be used to differentiate the various models of “Rhythm and shoes” and sponsored by them.

Of course, the design of the shoes will be patented and the trademark registered.