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This might be my last post about Mother’s Day, but not the least, as Evelyne is a good writer. I hope these stories will help you reminisce some good old time with your own mom 🙂

In May or in June, Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world. I was 5 years-old when France officially formalized it. I have few memories of those events, except once when my mother sat down to hear my “compliment” and I slipped a cushion under her feet to make her feel more at ease.

Every year we celebrated “mothers”, as my grandmother was living with us ; so we gave them a bunch of flowers from the garden as a gift, it was not in our habit to offer anything else. We ’d rather have a good meal.

I remember a special day I had with my mother. As usual, my father had gone to get some grain for his poultry. The store where he bought his grain also sold household items.

I can still see him coming back on his bike, carrying his grain and squeezing a little box under his arm. He put away his grain and brought this box into the kitchen. He handed it to my mother, telling her he had bought something that would please her.

My mother  usually handled all money matters and my father would never buy anything she had not formally requested.

A little coldly she says to him: What is it? With shiny eyes, my father replied : Please open it, you will see !

We, the three children, were waiting nearby for the little box to be opened and especially watching for my mother’s reaction. She then opened the box and took out a device to cut the potatoes into French fries. My father had seen this article in the store and thought that this little tool would simplify her work. We used to eat a lot of fries with our steaks. It was small, but she could not have been more pleased with a gift (bought because it was mother’s day.)

My mother was smiling, with tears in her eyes. My father was moved and discreetly laughed. They were happy.

It was years ago, but this memory is still present in my mind and in my heart.