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Today’s story takes place some decades ago, when life was definitively harder but also more simple for many families. I present Mireille and her mom 🙂

Something about my mother

When I was a young girl, my mother was a very busy woman. She had to manage a family of 6 people. She grew almost all the vegetables we ate in our garden and she made food preserves, she had a henhouse and she had to take care of it. She had to cook, to do the dishes and to wash the laundry and to clean the house, everything a woman used to do at that time and she didn’t have all the household appliances we can enjoy now.  Moreover, when she had some spare time, she sewed and knitted to dress all of us.

So I can’t remember any time she had the opportunity to rest and only chat with me, except on the rare occurrence I was ill .

  When I  was  ill , I  could  stay  in my  bedroom , and my mother brought me some herb tea , my pills , she worried if I had a high temperature . But the  most important  reason I have to remember this  quiet time of illness , is that she  came near my bed with a  Charles  Perrault book and , even if she had a  lot  of  work to do , she  read me one  of the fairy tale which delighted my childhood .