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In our series about Mother’s Day, here is one more post with a cute story. Let me introduce Véro and her special Mother’s Day 🙂

About 12 years ago, my daughters were 4 and 6, I had a wonderful surprise on a Sunday morning.

My girls came into my bedroom, to wake me up, they wouldn’t to wait for a long time, as they were so proud of themselves …

Mommy, come with us, to have breakfast …. Hurry up !

Then, in the kitchen, I saw that they had fixed breakfast, to be kind to me. As they were young, it was a great proof of love.

Then, I toast down at the table, where a bowl of cereals was waiting for me, and I only had to add some milk or yogurt.

I added milk, and began to eat, in front of my girls, so happy, enjoying their gift ..

Suddenly, I saw something very strange among my cereals and the milk … not piece of fruit, not piece of cereals but .. something like dust .. it was surprising.

So, I stared at my bowl, and I saw little things … extremely unpleasant that I was about to eat …..

What had happened ?

My girls told me the whole story : the cereals had fallen on the ground, but “no problem mommy, because we took the duspan and the brush, and put all the cereals in your bowl !”