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As previously announced, I will be posting an essay a day relating a story about a mom. These have been written by our students and they are all lovely. I suppose in a way, they show a side of what it is to be a mother. And in a time when everything is changing around us, it feels like an anchor place.

I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂 Today’s story is penned by Françoise.

Nice weekends with Mum!

When I was about eighteen, I had to go and study in Paris. A big high school had accepted my application in a class where I had to prepare a competitive examination. I was quite excited and happy but… I was 400 km away from my birthplace and I had a lot of work. I could only come back home during the school holidays!

Faced with that situation, my mother decided to come to Paris and visit me every three weeks, sometimes more, between two school holidays because she wanted me not to miss family life.  And it was wonderful! Dad was staying in Limoges with my sisters, and I had Mum all for myself.

She could not sleep in my room because I lived in a student accommodation, that’s why we stayed at a small hotel, and we ate in restaurants. At that time, exotic food could not be found in rural areas, so it was the opportunity to taste Asiatic food or couscous… We went to museums, to exhibitions (mainly art), to the movies, shopping of course, and sometimes to the theater (light comedies always!); when she came back home, Mum could talk a lot about Paris’ attractions! Nevertheless, I suppose she remained subdued not to stir any jealousy…

I have very nice memories of these great weekends, and I later copied Mum by taking my son with me, when he was a teenager, to visit London, or Amsterdam, or other big foreign cities not too far, during long weekends!