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Hi everyone !

So this will be for our advanced learners. This week, in France, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day. So I thought it would be neat to post some essays the sudents have been working on.

Here’s one from Violette, for a start 🙂

Mum was always afraid of snakes and reptiles. On the contrary, my father liked every animal, even strange, and often picked up grass-snakes. Of course Mum did not appreciate.

One day, while she was making a bed, she saw a yellow grey woolen thing on the sheet. She took him and screamed : the woolen piece moved because it was a lizard !

Afterwards she prepared lunch. She took her matchbox, opened it and dropped it immediately. Inside was a small slow worm. My father had hidden it and had wanted to play a joke on Mum. Of course she wasn’t pleased and she refused to turn on the gas for the meal. My father laughed a lot, and finally she forgave him.

We spoke about this story for a long time at home !